Sunpak S34 B TSH Outdoor Gas Infrared Heater 48″ Two Stage
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Sunpak S34 B TSH Outdoor Gas Infrared Heater 48″ Two Stage


The NEW Sunpak® two-stage patio heater is ideal for the commercial environment.  Two levels of heat are controllable with an included simple switch.  The hardwired control allows you to design a system to control multiple heaters from a panel if desired and durable enough for commercial applications.  Three wires are required to control the ON/OFF and HIGH/LOW functions.  The 24 VAC low voltage control allows for easy wiring from a transformer to a switch to the heater.

Sunpak Heaters can effectively heat outdoors because they warm people with infrared radiant heat instead of hot air.  Radiant heat warms people and objects such as tables, chairs, and floor directly without heating the intervening air.  Turn the heaters on to HIGH to warm up a chilled patio and adjust the heaters down to LOW as your guests get comfortable.  Proper patio layout and design are important with any patio heating system.  We always recommend working with a professional installer to maximize coverage and ensure safety.  Each Sunpak heater is CSA designed and certified to rigid ANSI standards.

Product Specifications



Heater BTU's

25,000 & 35,000


Included Duplex Control