Hestan Built-In Double Side Burner – AGB122-NG

Hestan Built-In Double Side Burner – AGB122-NG


The Hestan double side burners can be built into your outdoor kitchen island or mounted on your Hestan freestanding grill cart. They offer a 20,000 BTU burner and a 10,000 BTU burner, so you can handle any sauce, stock or side dish while you grill. DiamondCut grates and powerful sealed burners deliver high performance and easy cleanability, while the stainless steel top cover provides protection from the elements.

Product Specifications



Grill Size

0 – 26 Inches (Small)

Ignition Type

Glow Plug

Fuel Type

Natural Gas/Propane

Class Type



Bora Bora, Grove, Lush, Matador, Pacific Fog, Prince, Stealth, Tin Roof, Froth, Steeleto, Sol, Citra

Specialty Cooking

Double Side Burner